How is current research on social-ecological systems and participatory methods helping to enhance the sustainable management of natural resources?


This is the question posed in the Symposium organised by PEGASUS at the upcoming IALE European Congress "From pattern and process to people and action" on 12-15 September in Ghent (Belgium).

In three sessions, international researchers will examine the potential of Social-Ecological Systems thinking to capture the complexity of interlinkages in sustainability challenges and to promote positive action by “linking people and nature, emphasising that humans must be seen as a part of, not apart from, nature” (Berkes and Folke, 1998).

A range of novel methods linked to spatial assessment and stakeholder engagement will be illustrated using more than 20 different case studies, operating in varied contexts. The symposium will include papers from the teams engaged in PEGASUS and other research projects, and a key paper on Japanese experience from the Satoyama Initiative, which aims to promote resilience in high-value cultural landscape management through local action.  Participants will seek to identify common challenges and new and improved ideas for effective action through co-learning by researchers, stakeholders and policy makers, in a closing panel discussion.

For more information, please visit the conference's website or contact Janet Dwyer ( or Marta Pérez-Soba (