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PEGASUS Final Conference - Delivering environmental and social benefits from agriculture and forestry in a changing policy context

By amarechal.

It is clear that current policy frameworks and their implementation have not been sufficient to counter the ongoing trends of environmental degradation and achieve the changes required to ensure the long-term, sustainable provision of public goods and ecosystem services from EU agriculture and forestry. To improve this situation, changes are required in policy design, in the commitment of Member States to taking action for a more sustainable future and in the actions of the millions of land managers across the EU. These changes will be especially relevant if the CAP is to evolve towards a new delivery approach based on performance and results.

These issues have been the focus of the 3 year PEGASUS project and will be centre stage at this final conference on 7 February 2018, in Brussels. The event will take you through a summary of the results of research, including 34 case studies, on concrete ways to enhance the provision of public goods and ecosystem services by agriculture and forestry, and what this means for policy and practice. The event will provide a number of opportunities to:


  • Debate a range of  findings and approaches, including the lessons for policy and for practice and the use of maps as a tool to explore links between farming and forestry systems and the provision of environmental and social benefits;
  • Contribute to an evolving policy debate in Europe;
  • Network with key stakeholders, researchers and other interested parties.

These discussions are intended to feed into the debate on how national and EU policies and governance models could evolve post 2020, including the Common Agricultural Policy.


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The agenda is available here

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